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2011-09-11 22:10:13 by 66thStreet

It's happening.

Brace yourself.



2011-09-08 21:30:50 by 66thStreet

...and guess what!?

1.8 still isn't out.

So I guess we'll all just continue to sit around and toy with ourselves.

Safe from endermen. For now.

I never finish anything.

Let's see if I can break the cycle.

Minecraft - Will the Flash be finished?


2010-11-09 19:56:16 by 66thStreet

Recently added what I think is a good start to my art career here on NG. More shit's gonna show up here in the future.

Remember, always be kind to your two little buddies.

In other news, finally wrote a script for a cartoon that I really like, and will stick with it and actually finish a flash to upload on here. I've worked on plenty of stuff in the past, but I'm never happy with how it comes out. It's not easy to be a perfectionist.


Welcome to 66th Street.

2008-09-04 22:05:19 by 66thStreet

For years now I have aspired to become active in the art of animation, and I believe one of the first steps to doing this is joining a community that works with animation all the time. I believe Newgrounds is one of the best and most independant communities where I can begin.

I have the ideas. I lack the technology.

What I have-
A workhorse class laptop with a very good graphics card and a nice big screen. It also has a microphone and camera (the camera doesn't matter). HP, Windows Vista.
Flash Player version
Motivation and many ideas.

What I require-
Some sort of software which can design and play animation online through Flash
Sound recording software (I may already have this on my computer, but I'll need to do some digging).
Sound effects
A program that can create music and make it into usable sound files
Anything else I may need to do this!